Teddy Bear Spin Increases Sales


Point of purchase display revolves supplied by British Turntable have helped to create attractive and dynamic showrooms for the Exmoor Teddy Bear Co Ltd, at the same time increasing sales in each of the company’s four outlets in Devon and Somerset.

The battery-operated revolves, eight 150mm diameter PSBT4GL units and four 60mm TS800S models, were purchased to showcase and generate interest in particular product lines.

“We kept the cars on show for the following day’s event, the Dragon Boat race, which we also sponsored; the stunning weather and the movement generated by the revolves meant we managed to put the car in front of over 1000 people!”

Martin Kane, Directory of Exmoor Teddy Bear Co., says, “We use the larger turntables in our shop windows as window centre pieces and often include an information sheet about the bear, which draws further attention to the item. With the smaller turntables we have created eye-catching displays of miniature bears in glass cabinets.

“We have been very pleased with the turntables in all of our stores, both in terms of their reliability and also the additional sales they have created.”

There are many benefits to using battery-operated revolves in this way: they avoid the need to create the displays near to a power source or having to cope with trailing wires. They also allow for maximum flexibility in the display area: the revolves can be moved around the store to change focus and highlight different areas, and if used at the back or in quiet corners of the store they can draw customers through as the movement naturally attracts attention.

The revolves used by Exmoor Teddy Bear Co are available from a range of more than 100 items offered by British Turntable in its standard display movement portfolio, which includes larger turntables, available for sale or hire, capable of creating large, complex display combinations using optional extras such as static centres, oscillation, timed or positional hesitation.

Movement is used in the retail industry to attract the eye. Encouraging the shopper to stop and look; it also adds apparent value to the product is particularly effective in promoting new lines or for clearing older stock. Research by POPAI (Point of Purchase Advertising International) has even shown that movement in the retail environment can increase sales by more than thirty percent.

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