British Turntable Adds Dimension to Mercedes Benz B-Class Launch


British Turntable added an extra dimension to the showroom previews of the new Mercedes Benz B-Class Multi Activity Vehicle when the company hired a number of Olympian 4.5 automotive turntables and Mini Carousels to the event organisers, Elevation Events Group plc, and provided staff to set up and de-rig the revolves at multiple sites throughout the UK.

The event was held at no fewer than 26 venues over a five week period, including one in Northern Ireland, each of which required one Olympian and three Mini Carousels to create the desired effect. British Turntable staff attended every event to support the four Elevations Events Group teams and ensure everything ran smoothly. Elevation Events Group created a stunning and eye-catching display, using the turntable movement to maximum effect by revolving the car on the Olympian and using each Mini Carousel to turn a giant polystyrene letter-B.

“The purpose of the programme was to expose this completely new product to existing and potential Mercedes-Benz customers in order to generate pre-launch sales and interest.” said Gordon Freshwater, Corporate Events Manager at Daimler Chrylser UK. “The B-class is the first ever small MPV in the Mercedes-Benz range, and we wanted to give it the prominence it deserved.”

Elevation Events Group chose British Turntable revolves to add a different dimension to the showrooms, making the car more visible and allowing customers to get an all-round view of it.

“By having movement within the showrooms the objectives for generating interest from customers were readily achieved, and the British Turntable staff knew a lot about the product by the time the programme had ended,” says Claire Gill, the event manager for the programme.

The Olympian 4.5 metre revolve was developed to provide a stylish, elegant and effective display medium for the car showroom. Built in a modular format with an attractive deck, it is easy and quick to assemble without any special tools and can therefore be moved around to create a different focus or change the mood. The modular format makes it ideal for temporary exhibitions, product launches or reveals.

Other revolves ideally suited for automotive display include the Merlin Major 21, a highly portable option that is almost invisible in operation, and a full range of revolving stages, from 2 metres diameter upwards, that can be surface-mounted or flush-fitted into the showroom floor as required.

The Mini Carousel is one of British Turntable’s most enduring and popular revolves among more than 100 items offered in the company’s standard display movement portfolio. This portfolio includes small battery-operated turntables as well as larger units, available for sale or hire, that are capable of creating large, complex display combinations using optional extras such as static centres, oscillation, timed or positional hesitation.

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