Automotive Revolve Turns Heads at Cinema


The portability of British Turntable’s Merlin Major revolve was successfully demonstrated by Arabian Automobiles of Dubai, UAE, when they used it to create a revolving display of the latest Nissan Altima at a local cinema complex.

The display created quite a stir in the foyer and generated huge interest in the car from cinema-goers, who were immediately attracted by the movement.

The Merlin Major 21 used by Arabian Automobiles was supplied by British Turntable’s distributors in the area, Metel Trading, who have helped to create some of the most stylish showrooms in Dubai by introducing dealerships to the concept of movement.

The Merlin Major 21 is a particularly cost-effective and versatile option. As the vehicle is supported on four wheel pads emanating from a central motor, the Merlin is practically invisible in operation, making the vehicle turn as if by magic. By operating the unit from the car’s own 12v battery, trailing wires are avoided, making it ideal for temporary exhibitions in shopping malls, cinemas and hotel foyers. It can even be used for outdoor displays or on the forecourt as it is fully weatherproofed.

British Turntable has a number of conventional full platform revolves in its portfolio that are particularly suited to automotive display. The Olympian 4.5, which comes with an attractive deck and kerb surround, is an elegant portable option for showroom or exhibition, while a variety of revolving stages up to 12 metres in diameter can be surface mounted or flush-fitted for added style and elegance, whatever the setting or venue. All are available for short-term hire.

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