Versatile Merlin Revolves Reveal New Peugot


Merlin Major 21 automotive revolves from British Turntable were instrumental in creating a stunning first unveiling of the new Peugeot 1007 in the UK when the Hawkins Motor Group used them to reveal the latest addition to the Peugeot range at the Maritime Museum in Falmouth.

Some 700 – 800 Hawkins Motor customers attended the event, most arriving on a Park and Float boat. “Because it was the first time the 1007 was to be seen in this country, the evening had to be very special for all concerned,” explains Trevor Dawes at Hawkins Motor Group. “We decided to launch the cars on turntables so that our customers could view it comfortably from all angles. As the car turned, remotely operated electric sliding doors were opened, revealing the car in all its glory. The effect was great.

“We kept the cars on show for the following day’s event, the Dragon Boat race, which we also sponsored; the stunning weather and the movement generated by the revolves meant we managed to put the car in front of over 1000 people!”

The four Merlin revolves bought by Hawkins Motors to date are certainly earning their keep. Because they are able to be operated from the car’s own 12v battery and are fully weatherproofed, the Merlins have been used in two consecutive Royal Cornwall Shows to attract visitors to the large, open air, Hawkins Motors stand. When they’re not taking part in special events, the units add style to various Hawkins Motors showrooms in the area, creating eye-catching displays, highlighting special promotions and adding value to the model on display.

British Turntable, which was founded in 1959 on a single request for an automotive display turntable, offers a number of movement solutions for automotive display, and the portable Merlin Major 21 is a particularly cost-effective and versatile option.

As the vehicle is supported on four wheel pads emanating from a central motor, the Merlin is practically invisible in operation, making the vehicle turn as if by magic. By operating the unit from the car’s own 12v battery, trailing wires are avoided, making it ideal for temporary exhibitions in shopping malls, cinemas and hotel foyers or on the forecourt.

British Turntable also offers conventional full platform revolves that are particularly suited to automotive display. The Olympian 4.5, which comes with an attractive deck and kerb surround, is an elegant portable option for the showroom or exhibition, while a variety of revolving stages up to 12 metres in diameter can be surface mounted or flush-fitted for added style an and elegance, whatever the setting or venue. All units are available for short-term hire.

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