Hat Carousel a Winner


A Maxi Carousel turntable from British Turntable came out a winner at Value Retail’s Kildare Village near Dublin when it was used as the basis for a most unusual creation by Tony G Ltd. The turntable became a ‘fashion carousel’, displaying a collection of beautiful, specially designed race-day hats and worn to Kildare race days by the fashionable and famous.

The exhibition was designed to celebrate all that is stylish about County Kildare’s racing heritage, and has been visited by almost 60,000 people since the unique shopping village opened in May 2006.

Chosen to add impact and style to the display, the movement highlighted the elegance and sophistication symbolised by the traditional race-day hat in an attractive, contemporary setting by creating an eye-catching central focus to the exhibition. <

So successful was the display that, although the 2.5 metre diameter Maxi Carousel had originally been ordered on a short-term hire basis, Tony G eventually decided to buy the unit outright.

British Turntable’s Maxi Carousel revolve is available in three sizes from the company’s standard range of more than 100 display products. At 1.5 metres, 2.5 metres and 3 metres diameters it offers tremendous display potential with its ability to carry a load, evenly distributed, up to 700 kg in weight and up to a height of 2.44 metres. It can also be fitted, on request, with a wide range of extra options such as static centre, positional or timed hesitation, oscillation, contra-rotation or hand sensor stop.

Many of British Turntable’s standard display products, which range from small battery-operated rocker and rotary units to high capacity revolves up to 10 metres in diameter, are available for outright sale or short term hire, and can, in the retail environment, increase sales by more that 30% over a static display.*

*Research carried out by the Point of Purchase Advertising Institute (POPAI).

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