Table Centrepieces Sparkling Turnaround


When The Brewery, one of London’s most popular event and party venues, was looking to create an extra-special ambiance for their Christmas parties, they opted for British Turntable movement for their table decorations, with sparkling results.

65 small revolves were used to form the basis for a 1920s theme in the shape of a cocktail glass containing mirror balls on each table. By pin-spotting the centrepieces from above, the glitter balls sparkled constantly in the light as they turned around.

“The effect was stunning,” says Simon Lockwood, Concept Development Manager at The Brewery, “and proved to be very popular with our clients. The movement was crucial to the overall effect, adding aesthetic appeal while being cost-effective to create.” <

The PSBT4GL battery-powered units used by The Brewery are available off the shelf from British Turntable’s standard portfolio of display products, which now number more than 100. The range is popular in the events and exhibitions and industry to spice up product launches, enhance displays, and to create special effects.

The attraction of using movement is nowhere more apparent than in the retail environment, where it has been shown that movement in display can increase sales by more than 30%* over its static equivalent because it adds interest, value and integrity to the product.

As well as small battery- and mains-powered revolves, the British Turntable range includes oscillating and pendulum point of purchase movement as well as larger rotary carousels, some capable of carrying heavy white goods or furniture. They can be combined to create more complex displays, and optional extras such as static centres, oscillation, timed or positional hesitation can be supplied to add interest and appeal.

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