Movetech UK adds prominence to world’s first tank


Movetech UK (the new name for British Turntable) has added a dramatic turn to the new display hall at the Tank Museum in Bovington by supplying a revolve to rotate ‘Little Willie’, the world’s first ever tank and the museum’s most important artefact.

‘Little Willie’ takes pride of place at the centre of the new ‘At Close Quarters’ exhibition, which showcases 33 key vehicles from the museum’s collection and has been planned to help celebrate the 70th Anniversary of the formation of The Royal Armoured Corps, which brought the British armoured regiments together.

Nik Wyness, PR and marketing officer for the museum, explains: “We chose a turntable to exhibit ‘Little Willie’ to give one of our most important artefacts the prominence it so rightly deserves.

“‘Little Willie’ is unique. It represents the very beginning of our story, both of armoured warfare and the subsequent creation of the Tank Corps, and is a major keystone in the changing face of warfare. As such it is the first vehicle that visitors encounter as they explore the 50,000 square feet Tank Story exhibition in our new display hall.

“Because it is constantly revolving, the turntable helps communicate the significance of the vehicle, and allows visitors to see it and appreciate it better than ever before.”

Designed by specialist heritage consultants, PLB, the new exhibition is a key element of a £16m Heritage Lottery Fund-sponsored redevelopment of the museum. The turntable itself was funded by The Friends of The Tank Museum.

The 6.5 metre diameter, 15 tonne capacity turntable is part of Movetech UK’s extensive product range of turntables and PoP movement. In addition, Movetech UK offers a variety of services that extends from pre-project advice and project design through to delivery, installation, maintenance and calibration. A rental service is available on most turntable products.

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