Movetech UK keeps in Top Gear


Movetech UK (the new name for British Turntable) has been successful in helping the BBC site solve their perennial problem of photographing 300 cars to a tight deadline by providing a complete turnkey package involving a 6 metre diameter revolving stage.

Matt Forrest, Manager of Movetech UK’s Epping depot explains: “With 300 cars to photograph and only 30 minutes turnaround for each one, there was simply no time to reset the camera positions for each car. We therefore supplied them with the revolving stage, complete with staging and ramps, so that the cars could be moved precisely to the camera positions rather than the other way round.

“As the set is built and installed to a very high standard, befitting such a high quality site, our staging also had to be spot on, and we’re pleased to say that the photographers, Ripley & Ripley, were delighted with the result.

“In fact, the first supply was so successful that they have used the same set-up four times since. All that’s required is for the photographers to ring us with the dates and times of each shoot and we organise the rest – making sure the turntable is up to scratch before delivering and building the stage and staging on site then striking the set when the shoot is complete.

“Between jobs the turntable is stored alongside the set and refurbished if necessary to keep it to the high standard required.

“It’s a very successful venture, where mutual trust and our understanding of our client’s individual needs are paying off for both parties.”

The supply follows the Movetech UK work on the TV programme in 2007, where a Merlin car turntable was used on to turn three cars in the middle of the runway. With no access to an electrical supply out in the open, the Merlin proved to be ideal as it can be run using its 12v car battery system. Movetech UK personnel stayed with the production team throughout the shoot to help set up each shot and provide help and advice on the loading of each car, and, with very tight turnarounds to deal with, set up and dismantle the revolve and move it round the airfield to each location.

Alongside its extensive product portfolio, Movetech UK offers a range of services which extends from pre-project advice and project design, through to delivery, installation, maintenance and calibration. A rental service is available on most turntable products.

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