Movetech UK at the In Store Show Part of Marketing Week Live


Movetech UK (the new name for British Turntable) exhibits at the In Store Show for the very first time, demonstrating its distinctive position as one of the UK’s leaders in PoP and rotary display movement.

Movetech UK’s comprehensive movement portfolio solves many display problems, not least in helping to create cost-effective and eye-catching displays that can save on space and increase sales.

More than 100 standard options are available, from small battery operated pendulum and rotary PoP movement to large carousels and revolving stages, a range that is hard to beat.

And with Movetech UK’s HGV access turntables speeding up delivery turnaround times, and Hovair air film technology an integral part of the wider Movetech UK portfolio, the company can also provide total turnkey movement solutions for the retail industry.

Movetech UK brings to the table 50 years experience of providing display movement to the retail, heritage and exhibition sectors, and offers a proven track record that is recognised the world over.

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