Movetech UK turn the heat on the competition in Dubai


Movetech UK’s distributors in Dubai, Metel Trading, are turning on the heat in Dubai again by supplying revolving stages to some of the world’s best-known car manufacturers. In each case the 6 metre diameter stages are being used to attract visitors to the latest models and concept cars.

Toyota and Lexus have both taken advantage of the 24/7 service offered by Metel and the quality and reliability of Movetech UK turntables. Their stand designers have created dramatic displays, centred on the movement, to stunning effect. Toyota’s stand designers, Art Heir LLC, finished the revolve with a bright white deck to complement the styling and lines of the new FT-86 G sports version concept car, while stand designers Micecraft LLC helped Lexus unveil the new LFA Model with a press conference and stunning lighting that reflected off the mirror-faced deck to great effect.

Sampath Kumar, Manager at Metel DXB, says: “Our customers are delighted with the way movement brings life to their exhibition stands. The revolving stages are brilliant at drawing attention to the cars in a very competitive market, with the movement creating a natural light show, and our 24/7 service is always highly valued.”

The revolving stages were rented to Toyota and Lexus for the duration of the show, a service which is particularly popular in the exhibitions and events industries.

In addition to the revolving stage range, Movetech UK offers a number of smaller revolves for rent, including models specifically designed for the automotive industry. A full delivery, installation and on-site support service is available where required.

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